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Why Join KyQHA?

  • The only official AQHA Affiliate in Kentucky
  • Promotes and protects the interests of the American Quarter Horse in Kentucky
  • Encourages and fosters cooperation among American Quarter Horse owners and enthusiasts
  • Sponsors AQHA horse shows in Kentucky
  • Administers a Year-End Awards Program as a benefit of membership
  • Administers the KyQHA Breeders’ Incentive Fund (BIF)
  • Sends a youth team to the Youth World Championship Show and the All-American Quarter Horse Congress

How Much Does It Cost To Join KyQHA?

$25 annual fee for individual membership

$10 annual fee for youth membership

Family memberships are no longer available (The only exception is if a horse is owned jointly and the joint membership has an AQHA number.)

Online Application

Join by Mail Application

        Download the KyQHA Membership Form 2024 and mail along with your membership dues. ALL information is REQUIRED to complete your membership.
        Please mail to: KyQHA, PO Box 85, Eastwood, KY 40018-0085
        Email your Membership Application with credit card payment to KyQHA Membership.

        Check Your Membership Status: Membership List


     P.O. Box 85, Eastwood, KY  40018-0085

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