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This page contains only information related to payouts for competition year 2022 show results that will be paid out in 2023.  General information regarding the overall program can be found by going to the horizontal navigation bar on the home page entitled BIF Rules & FAQs.

Approximate Time Line and Guidance for Award Winners

  • You MUST be an AQHA Member AND KyQHA Member by July 1, 2023 to be eligible for awards earned in competition year 2022.  Click on KyQHA BIF Member Requirements to determine if you are a 2023 KyQHA member and/or to take out a membership as required.  Go to and or call (806) 376-4811 to confirm you will be a 2023 AQHA member on July 1 as required.  WE RECOMMEND YOU ROUTINELY CHECK AND TAKE OUT YOUR MEMBERSHIPS EARLY EACH YEAR AND DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, OF ANY KIND, TO THIS RULE.
  • KyQHA receives show results data from AQHA in mid-spring each year for the previous competition year.  Once the show data are received, calculations are made for awards.  This process takes several weeks.
  • Traditionally, on July 15 each year, the awards data are published on the KyQHA web site, and are left posted until August 15.  These 30 days are the data review period for each potential award winner to review the previous year’s show results for accuracy.  If you believe there is an error in the results, you MUST SEND AN EMAIL to describing the concern, the horse’s name and AQHA registration number, the exhibitor’s name and AQHA member number, and the owner’s name and AQHA member number.  The alleged discrepancy MUST BE COMMUNICATED to KyQHA between July 15 and August 15 as described above for consideration and potential correction.
  • All data are considered official on August 16 and are sent to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) for validation.
  • A payout request form will be sent directly to the award winner on or before September 1 each year.  AQHA member address information is utilized so always make sure your AQHA address information is kept up to date.  If you were listed as an award winner, and you have not received a payout request form by September 15, contact the KyQHA at
  • Complete the payout request form and send it to the KHRC address indicated on the form.  The KHRC issues award checks.  KyQHA DOES NOT ISSUE AWARD CHECKS - DO NOT SEND THE PAYOUT FORM TO KyQHA.  If you have completed a payout form, mailed it back to the KHRC in a timely manner, and have not received your award check by October 15, call the KHRC directly at (859) 246-2040 to check on the award status.  KyQHA will not have information regarding the mailing of checks - you MUST call the KHRC.
  • DO NOT DELAY IN SENDING YOUR PAYOUT REQUEST TO THE KHRC.  The entire process MUST be completed by December 31 of the year following the competition year.

Send an email to Kentucky Quarter Horse Association to identify a possible discrepancy


     P.O. Box 85, Eastwood, KY  40018-0085

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