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Kentucky Breeders' Incentive Fund FAQs

Is it a state requirement that all breeding stallions in Kentucky be tested for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)?

What is the KyQHA Breeders’ Incentive Fund?

How and when did a Quarter Horse fund start?

What is the source of the funds being paid out?

Why were Quarter Horses a “non-race” breed?

Why is there a racehorse segment of this Fund?

Who is responsible for administering the Fund?

What is the criterion for eligibility to the Fund?

How much 2006 money went to Quarter Horses?

How many eligible horses competed during 2006?

Why is this Fund limited only to AQHA events?

Do the horses have to compete within Kentucky?

How are funds allocated for racing and showing?

Why are race and show point values different?

Who gets the award, the breeder or the owner?

Why doesn’t the breeder receive all the money?

Why not put the money into purses or prizes?

Are any memberships required to earn points?

Is there a deadline for stallion enrollment?

Do stallions standing for racing offspring need to be nominated to the AQHA Incentive Fund?

Do broodmares need to be enrolled in the KyQHA BIF?

How do I enroll my horse to be eligible for awards?

How do I pay sales tax on breeding services?

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