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(July 15, 2019) – With the total fund showing increases over the last eight consecutive years, it is clear that the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association’s Breeders’ Incentive Fund (BIF) continues to demonstrate healthy growth for owners of Kentucky-bred American Quarter Horses wherever they may be showing each, and every, year. Growth in the fund and strong market demand for BIF foals that show or race, and are produced here in the Commonwealth, remain a bright spot for the industry.

When BIF programs were begun in 2006 for all breeds, there were 671 Kentucky-bred horses shown or raced in events sanctioned by the American Quarter Horse Association. Due to the unique and progressive structure of the BIF, Kentucky-bred Quarter Horses that were potentially eligible for awards resulting from the 2018 competition year rose to 1305, another increase from the record 1,023 in 2017. Demand for quality Kentucky Quarter Horses remains strong nationally because of the program.

Payouts are based upon points earned in American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) events. The allocation to American Quarter Horses rose for an 8th consecutive year to a total of $324,500 for 2018 events. As an indicator of the ever increasing quality of Kentucky-bred Quarter Horses, the total number of AQHA points earned by those horses that went on to start at an AQHA track, or to compete at an AQHA show anywhere in the world, was 6,905. The average value of a show point for 2018 was up over last year to $50.62, while the average value of a race point was $18.48, reflecting more than double the race points earned in 2018 from the previous year.

The aim of Kentucky’s Quarter Horse leaders was not to subsidize producers solely for operating in the Commonwealth, as have some other breeds, but rather to reward the buyers of Kentucky-breds for showing or racing successfully. This structure has incentivized buyers, most of them from other states, to prefer Kentucky-bred Quarter Horses when purchasing their prospects.

Norm Luba, KyQHA BIF Committee Chairman, explained the fundamental reason for the unusually positive impact of the Quarter Horse program:

“Our program has arguably demonstrated the most dramatic successes of all the breed programs written into law in 2005 and it is because of its basic approach. Rather than award the bulk of our funds as prize money or subsidies to existing breeders, the lion’s share of our fund has always been paid directly to all the buyers and exhibitors of our horses, regardless of where they lived, raced or showed. This clearly increases market demand for our product, which has served our industry much better than if we paid the money to predominantly breeders. Breeders breed here, and buyers pay us more, in hopes of earning awards from our BIF. Our economic growth proves that it works.”

In keeping with the established protocol, all data regarding the horses, points earned, award amounts, and other relevant information will be posted on KyQHA’s website for thirty days to allow public review.

The direct link for the show results is available by clicking on: [General 2018 BIF Show Information] [View 2018 BIF Show Awards] The direct link for the race results is available by clicking on: [General 2018 BIF Race Information] [View 2018 BIF Race Awards]

Any inaccuracies or suspected improprieties should be reported to the KyQHA within that review period. Award winners must have been current members of both the AQHA and KyQHA as of July 1, 2019 in order to be eligible for awards. The Kentucky Quarter Horse Association is the official affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association. More information about the KyQHA BIF, membership forms, as well as other programs of the KyQHA can be found by visiting the web site


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